Both baby and you need to get out of the house.  What better way than to get out and get some fresh air and entertain baby with a fun ride.  Whether you live in the mountains and go on trails or are a city cruzer on the sidewalks, the BOB Stroller is an ideal way to keep baby safe on any terrain and having fun.

BOB Strollers are designed for the outdoors with different terrain in mind. Whether you go jogging one day or take your baby on a nature walk on the trail the next, you’ll find the stroller works like a charm. But even if you don’t think you’ll ever jog trails, don’t let that stop you from getting a jogging stroller. Parents often ask themselves if they really need a baby jogger and the answer more times than not is, Yes!  Here are some things to consider.

Can a jogging stroller be for everyday use?

A jogging stroller can double as an everyday stroller too. They are designed to absorb the bouncing that comes from different terrains, faster speeds, and uneven surfaces. They’re meant to keep your little one safe and comfortable. Joggers glide over rough surfaces with their super-sized wheels and have a suspension system to decrease the impact on your baby. This smooth ride makes everyday use a joy for both you and baby.

Even though you may be on smooth surfaces like the street, there will be times you will have to hop curbs, jog across the street and hit uneven surfaces like cracks in the sidewalks.  You’ll be thankful for that full suspension and baby won’t have unexpected jolts.

Can I take my newborn?

Yes! You can use your BOB stroller with your newborn baby as long as they’re in a car seat. BOB strollers accommodate different car seats including brands like Graco, Chicco, and Peg Perego with a quick installation of the car seat adapter accessory, so you can turn this adaptable stroller into a travel system. Different brands require a different adapter, so BOB’s site shows you which one you should get. Note: BOB recommends that babies be at least eight weeks old to ride in the Revolution if the car seat is not used. If you plan to jog, your baby needs to be six to eight months old without the car seat. Your baby needs to have the muscle strength in the neck to hold their head up unassisted.

Why is the BOB Stroller so unique?

All jogging strollers are designed to be more stable than traditional strollers to reduce jarring impacts. However, the BOB jogging strollers have superior suspension systems in place. Some BOB stroller models are made for more serious runners while others are built for a short jog and everyday use.

Other strollers may have a front wheel that is permanently locked in place so the stroller stays on a straight path; however, the BOB features a locking mechanism so you can have both for whatever the front wheel encounters. By having a front wheel that swivels you can easily maneuver it when walking and then lock it in place for running.

The sun can be uncomfortable shining down on the babies.  The BOB Stroller has an extra large canopy to shield your child from the sun. Shielding your little one is important; however, you want to keep an eye on him as well.  With the built-in peekaboo screen above, you can still see your little one while using it.

Kids love motion and almost always movement will put them right to sleep. The BOB Stroller has an adjustable back to lay them back.  With a gentle release strap, the baby will be comfortable and sleeping away. The 5-point safety harness provides adjustability and a more secure fit for your child so whether sleeping or upright they’re safe, secure and snug as a bug.

Nothing more convenient than a built-in storage system with your stroller.  Between the upper storage, pockets and the lower, there is plenty of room to stash things away.  The best part is the lower basket below.  Designed as one of the largest, shopping is no match for the amount you can put below. Side pockets are handy for having things readily available for your little one.

The superior feature of the BOB Stroller has to be the adjustable suspension system with changeable settings from little to big kids. It allows you to set a stiffer suspension for the lesser weight of your little one and a looser suspension for a heavier child. This assures a smooth ride over all kinds of rough terrain no matter what your child’s weight.