Decorating the baby nursery requires proper consideration of the area and the adjustment of the baby furniture and toys. Among them, the most important baby furniture is the baby crib where the baby sleeps soundly. The hanging toy above the crib or the side installations of the colorful blocks keep them busy and quiet. Cribs are the perfect place for the baby to lie down and their safe place for sleep.

The hundreds of baby products brand have innovated the baby cribs. From the simple cribs to most luxurious and stylish ones; a wide range is available in the market.

The different types of baby cribs

Just visit a baby products store and you’ll be amazed to find out the cute furniture items for your little prince or princess. From the design to the color contrast, material quality to the size; everything is built to do justice to your baby. The different types of cribs that you can purchase include:

  • Standard cribs:

These are made from high-quality wood, metal or plastic. The crib is used to put the little angel to sleep. It lacks in high-functionality and unique, innovative design.

  • Portable/ traveling cribs:

If you are alone at home and you need to keep an eye on your baby, the portable cribs that move easily from one place to another are your best option. These are a bit different from the traveling cribs. The later ones are perfect for your journey out of the station. They are made from a lightweight material like aluminum or mesh and offer perfect usage.

  • Convertible cribs:

The convertible crib is a multi-functional special crib designed for more than one use by the baby. They are used as the crib, daybed, toddler bed and the twin bed. This furniture item is the latest innovative furniture item and works best for all families.

  • Bassinet

The bassinets are actually the little cots designed for your baby’s peaceful sleep. They are much cheaper than the standard crib and can be carried from one place to another quite easily.

What to consider while buying a baby crib?

Safety and security:

Whichever brand’s crib you are considering for your baby, make sure it is painted with non-toxic paints and fulfills the safety requirements. Moreover, make sure the brand is certified by the manufacturing country’s safety board.


Make sure that the crib you are planning to buy lies within your budget as you have to decorate and furnish the rest of the baby’s room as well. Ignoring the price range at one point will lead to compromising on the baby products at some other point.

Color and size options:

While buying the crib, make sure you buy the right size of the crib. The size is determined by two things, one is the size of the baby and the other is the space available in the room. Make sure the furniture that you buy make the room look symmetrical. Huge items kill the space and the look of the entire room.