A newborn baby tends to grow into a toddler, an infant, and a crawling child. It is important to make the versatile yet intelligent investment while buying things for your baby. You already have to change your baby’s clothes wardrobe every two to three months, it’s best if you find the baby furniture and toys that last for a relatively long time.

Baby swings are an ideal toy as they keep the baby occupied. You can make your baby fall asleep on the swing. It is the best alternative to the rocking motion of your arms. The colorful, vibrant swings attract the babies and the high-quality fabric and foam keep them happy and comfortable in the swing seat.

Here are the different types of swings that you can buy for your growing baby:

1. Full-sized baby swings

These swings are the best option if you are looking for an item to take the nursery’s space. They are often motorized and the playful little hanging toys are a cute attraction for the baby’s eyes. The seat is comfortable and the stand quite strong and solid. It comes with different swing motions and your baby will simply love it.

2. Portable swings

All the moms and dads have to travel from one place to another within or out of the city. For such parents, it is easy to own and use a portable swing. Some portable swings are convertibles as well and they are best suited for babies up to 1-year-old. They are light in weight and easy to carry around.

3. Hanging swings

Hanging swings are best for use by the toddlers. You can enjoy the playful cute laughing sound your baby makes while he/ she swings forth and back, isn’t it just adorable? The hanging swings are attached overhead by a support. They work best in both indoor and outdoor setting. They come in different styles and colors according to the baby’s age and weight specification.

4. Cradle swings

Many cradle style swings come with a unique smart swing technology that adjusts the speed of the swing according to the baby’s weight. You can place your baby in the swing even when he/she is awake and the toys above will entertain your kid. The soft pads and the comfortable seat will easily put your child to sleep.

5. Bouncer swings

Although the bouncer baby seats fall in a different category, many parents love to have it as the baby’s swing. It, instead of offering the swinging back and forth movement, bounces in response to your baby’s wiggly movement in the seat. They are built with soft fabric and the swing’s structure offers excellent support to the baby. The baby equipment is easy to clean and is portable as well.

6. Baby glider swings

Did you get a baby glider swing at your baby shower? It’s a perfect gift for your baby. The gliding movement along with other adorable features of the swing keeps the baby peaceful and comfortable. They come with sturdy frames and are safe to use.