Bugaboo strollers are worldwide known for their smooth ride, spot on driving performance and a lively adventure with the baby. The parents enjoy the freedom of movement with the baby products offered by the Bugaboo- a Dutch mobility company that has been designing and manufacturing excellent products since the year 1999. Raising a kid comes with a lot of challenges and with the products of this company by your side; you can meet each one of them happily. Before your child learns to walk/ run, it’s hard to go out and explore the world! The strollers produced by the talented team at Bugaboo make sure you no longer feel that way.

The products are designed keeping in view the emotions of the parents. The idea is to avoid restriction of shopping, traveling in the city, or going on a trip to an outdoor station. The different types of luggage system and strollers designed serve a beneficial role in lightening the parent’s load offering them a chance to enjoy.

The inspiration behind Bugaboo!

The great inspiration behind Bugaboo is the concept of wheels and the fun associated with playing with it! The innovative designing team under the leadership of Max Barenbrug, the Chief Design Officer and Co-founder of the brand, work in the headquarters in Amsterdam. The factory outlet is located in Xiamen, China where the great engineering techniques are blended with the latest high-tech designs to invent a worthwhile product! The challenges to overcome the flaws are conquered here making sure that only the finest product makes it way to the market.

Products they manufacture

The brand deals with various luggage systems and baby products like the strollers. Their expertise lies in manufacturing a variety of strollers fit for every purpose. The types of strollers they have (to date) are as follows:

  • Bugaboo fox- The ultimate stroller
  • Bugaboo Cameleon- The original stroller
  • Bugaboo bee- The urban stroller
  • Bugaboo donkey- The multi-purpose stroller
  • Bugaboo runner – The jogging stroller

Attractive features of the products

All these products are designed keeping in mind the comfort of the child and the parents. Bugaboo’s features speak for itself! From the bassinet and comfortable seat of the stroller to the shoe-friendly brakes, lock swivel wheels, and the height-adjustable handlebar; all offer safety to a child of different ages (preferably a newborn to being toddler).

These products are most suitable for growing families and ensure a smooth and stable ride on all surfaces. Whether you are going on a trip to the woods or riding the stroller within a city; Bugaboo serves the best even in snow and sand.  It requires a little effort in moving and navigating the stroller which is another plus point of the product.

According to their official website results, their products are trusted by 1.000.000 people worldwide. The variety of colors, good specifications and the fact that you can now build your own stroller attract the customers. It is totally customizable which makes them the best choice for the parents.