As the baby grows, you will see a change in his diet. Once you have started weaning the baby, you’ll need to find a suitable furniture item to feed him or her. The baby high chairs are built for this purpose. They become useful when the child starts eating at the age of around 5 to 6 months until the age of 3 years. They come in handy in the last two quadrants of the first year which is why you need not worry about buying it straight away.

The creative ideas of the manufacturers in the baby products department offer a variety of highly-equipped and manufactured high chairs. Some of them often come with a cradle or reclining option. Such high chairs are used even by the newborn babies and those younger than 6 months of age.

Types of different high chairs

They are differentiated on the basis of the sturdy frame and the material used to build it. Each high chair is built considering the baby’s age and weight that it can carry. You need to consider the one that fits your baby’s needs. The different types are:

  • Plastic or metal frame high chair
  • Wooden high chair
  • Booster feeding chair
  • Full-features high chair
  • Portable high chair with clip-on

Basic features of the high chair

As the high chairs are manufactured by a variety of brands, there features vary! The most important feature of any baby product is safety. The high chairs are built following the safety recommendations. The seats are properly adjusted and the seatbelts come with strong buckles to avoid any safety issue.

The frame of the chair is made of high-quality plastic, wood or metal. Each option offer benefits to the users. The chairs are often adjustable according to your baby’s height. You can also adjust and lock the tray in front of the baby while he is eating the food. The best trays are those which are detached easily and can be washed in the sink. Always look for a high chair that is easy to assemble, comes with baby locks, and is easy to clean. The baby food is small and can fall in different places. Thus, make sure the chair you buy is easy to wipe clean.

The high chair must have no sharp edges and the baby’s bottom seat must be padded. This ensures baby’s comfort and keeps your baby safe from injuries. A footrest allows your baby to reach ahead. Then come the wheels of the chair. They allow you to move the chair from the kitchen to the room. To avoid the accidental roll-aways, you need to check that the wheels lock when the position is finalized. Each one of the features of the high chair is designed keeping in mind the safety of your beloved baby.

Some of the baby’s high chairs are convertible. They are a bit costly but come in handy. They convert into booster seats or into a chair for your older kid.